All items have been infused with healing energy in the crystal gridded studio in the castle before being sent to you.
The crystals have all been cleansed and charged under the full moon, ready to work their magick with you.
Want to send direct to someone as a gift? No problem – just add their name & address and any message to the “order notes” when paying or email


Why choose Shamballah candles?

The Shamballah range of luxury artisan candles are individually hand made in the UK using the finest quality eco friendly materials available. I’m a small, traditional, artisan candle business and my subtly fragranced luxury candles are completely hand made in small batches. I use pure eco friendly soy wax which burns clean, natural cotton wicks, high quality fragrance oils and sturdy glass containers which can be recycled. They don’t contain any nasties – no paraffin, cheap fragrances, artificial dyes or additives. The packaging is made from recycled paper. All the materials I use are the highest quality available and are UK sourced, mainly from local suppliers in Yorkshire. The candles are also vegan friendly. Burn time for the large candles is 35+ hours, for the mini heart shaped candles 6+ hours each. They’re not ordinary candles. Each one is unique. They are mixed and hand poured in an enchanted castle on the nights of the full moon and new moon and infused with magickal crystal energy. For those with an interest in sacred geometry, crystals and energy work, my studio is crystal gridded using sacred geometry and where I also do energy healing. It’s a beautiful space full of magickal energy overlooking the castle grounds and lake. The candles are stored in here and absorb this lovely crystal energy before they go on their journey to you.

Candles are a real self care investment which can be used in different situations throughout your day. Use them in your workspace to bring focus and energy whilst you work, in your home to create a warm, calm, comforting atmosphere whilst unwinding after a long busy day and in the bathroom whilst taking a luxurious relaxing bath. They’re also great to use during yoga or meditation sessions to help create a magickal atmosphere.

  • ❣️Alchemy – Spicy, powerful and sensual. Energising. Great for focussing the mind and getting stuff done. ❣️Dragons Blood – Citrusy, aromatic and refreshing. Energising. Raise your game to slay those dragons. ❣️Enchanted Castle – Fruity, rich and mysterious. Relaxing. Introduce some magick and mystery to your space. ❣️Goddess – Floral, luxurious and feminine. Energising. Perfect for time out to awaken the goddess within you. ❣️Phoenix Rising – Woody, oaky and warming. Relaxing. Like sitting in front of a big log fire with a comfy blanket. ❣️Shamballah – Musky, calm and comforting. Relaxing. Good for unwinding after a long day and for adding a bit of magick to your space.


I was so excited to get my hands on one of Michele’s candles. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and then as soon as you open the box you can smell the gorgeous candle. There is a lovely printed scroll that tells you how to make sure you can get the most burn time which is a really lovely touch but even better is the little printed affirmation card with a real crystal. Just gorgeous. The smell is absolutely amazing. Even when the candle is not lit I can smell the gentle scent in my lounge. I am so impressed with the candles, I cannot wait to try them all. 

It isn’t just the candles, it’s the quality, the smell, the personal touch! Truly amazing! I’m in love 💞

I lit one of these candles in my bedroom and immediately noticed the energetic shift. The scent is beautiful along with the details in the packaging. I highly recommend treating yourself or someone you love with one of these candles!

I am so impressed with the quality, the scent, the length of time each candle lasts but above all the magical qualities that Michele has captured. They are very special, they change the energy of the room. 

I’ve just received a delivery of these candles and I’m blown away by the quality. The packaging they arrived in was top notch and every little detail considered, I’m definitely going to rely on them for birthdays/Christmas presents as well as a bit of retail therapy for myself!

I absolutely love my mini pack. I can easily travel with them and they are super royal !


Always trim the wick to 5mm / ¼ inch before lighting each time – This really makes a difference #TopTip

Don’t burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. This will extend the overall burn time #TopTip

The candle wax may not burn completely evenly and smoothly like some candles, that’s because they don’t contain any paraffin or additives, just pure soy wax.

Be careful when handling the travel tins, they can get very hot.

Keep the candle free of any debris, wick trimmings, matches etc.

Extinguish the candle immediately if the flame becomes enlarged or smokes excessively.

Don’t relight when the wax is lower than 1cm, the glass may get too hot to handle and could crack.

If wax gets on to your skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. It may cause an allergic reaction.

To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn the candle within sight and keep out of reach of children & pets. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface, away from draughts and flammable objects. Avoid burning on TV’s, stereos and plastic surfaces. Never fall asleep and leave a candle burning.

Remember, a candle is a miniature fire – stay safe! 

Gift packaging colours may vary. For overseas shipping please contact me for postage costs.