What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an ancient form of natural medicine that helps to restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, to help you get to an optimal state of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Due to the wear and tear of life, our energy fields can develop blocks over time and become unbalanced. This can manifest itself in physical and emotional ailments – low energy, negative emotions, fear, anxiety, stress etc. Energy Healing can help with this.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Increased energy

Reduced  stress / anxiety

Better quality sleep

Greater focus and clarity

Feeling calmer & more relaxed

Increased manifestation abilities

Improvement of physical issues

A sense of inner peace, as if a weight has been lifted

A general feeling of wellbeing & happiness


Life Activation - Total Energy Rebalance & Recalibration

A total energy rebalance and recalibration. During this powerful and sacred process, your entire energy system is rebalanced and attuned to a higher state of being. A special infusion of pure light is then carried out to reactivate your divine blueprint, what we now called DNA (who you were before all the negative thoughts, emotions and traumas were stored in your being). This can help physically, emotionally and spiritually as it sparks a process of transformation, a recalibration of your Self to support you achieving your full potential in this life. To energise your body, balance your emotions and calm your mind. Also includes Purificato & Crystalis elixirs to support the integration of the new energies at a cellular level.
Duration: Approximately 1 1/2 hours.
Price: £200

Spirit Activation - Reconnect to your soul

The Spirit Activation takes it one step further to increase your connection to your soul. It activates the higher aspects of your energy bodies. (A Life Activation is required first, at least 2 weeks before.)
Duration: Approximately 1 1/2 hours.
Price: £200

Ensofic Ray Healing

This gentle yet powerful “hands on” healing channels life force energy from the highest, brightest, most powerful ray of energy in to the body. This triggers the body’s natural healing abilities and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual heath.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Price: £80

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing – A beautiful healing experience using the unique healing properties of crystals, placed on and around your body. This will harmonise and balance your physical, emotional and mental energy bodies for relaxation and stress release.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Price: £80.
Aura Clearing & Chakra Balancing
Aura Healing – A very gentle yet effective clearing of the aura, helping to remove any unwanted, unserving energies from your energetic structure. Chakra balancing will then clear and balance the energy centres in your chakra system. For grounding, centering and protecting.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Price: £80
Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy, also known as vibrational medicine, involves using sound vibrations to relax your mind and body. I use tuning forks, drums, Tibetan singing bowls and bells to create a healing vibration while you lie on the couch and relax. Pure bliss! Great for general physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Introductory Price: £60

Bespoke Energy Healing Session

If you’re unsure of which type of healing to choose I can create a bespoke session for you. We’ll have a consultation at the beginning of the session, and I’ll use my intuition to incorporate aspects of Ensofic Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing as required.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Price: £80

Emotional Cord Release

Emotional Cord Release – Energetic cords connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present. This sacred process removes old cords you no longer require and stops you losing energy to that person, place or situation.
Duration: Can be added to any treatment. Approximately 30 minutes
Price: £50.

Distance Healing

For those unable to attend in person, I can carry out a Distance Healing called The Spark Of Life. We arrange a date and time and at the agreed time I connect to the recipient, who could be anywhere in the world, and carry out the special Spark Of Life distance healing. The recipient simply sits or lies quietly in their home and  receives it. This is just as powerful as a face to face healing.
Approximately 1 hour Price: £125

House / Space Blessings
A great way to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your home or work space. A special combination of crystals, sacred geometry, mantras and cleansing herbs are used in this ancient ritual.
More information available on request.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Energy Healing? Energy healing is an ancient form of natural medicine that helps to restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, to help you get to an optimal state of physical, emotional and spiritual health. These ancient, time tested methods I use come from the lineage of King Solomon and are over 3,000 years old. They are very powerful energy clearings and rebalances. They can help physically, emotionally and spiritually and support a greater sense of peace within your mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Do I have to understand it for it to work? No, I didn’t understand what is was when I first experienced these healings. Their effectiveness is the same whether you understand it or not.
  3. How long does it take? Details included in the description of each treatment above. Allow 1.5 hours to include a cup of tea and some rest and relaxation time afterwards.
  4. Where does it take place?  This has to be done in person with both of us in the same room. It can’t be done remotely as I need to work with your physical energy fields. It takes place in my home studio which is in a castle near Harrogate and I also work from Rudding Park Spa near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I may also be able to travel to your home if you’re not able to get to Harrogate. Contact me for details.
  5. What happens during the treatment? You don’t need to do anything during the treatment apart from relax. You simply sit on a chair, stand, or lie down, depending on which treatment you have. You will remain fully clothed, as I work around you, clearing and balancing your energy fields with my hands which will be approximately be 4-12 inches away from your body for most parts of the session.
  6. Do I need to bring anything? No, just come with an open mind and heart.
  7. What healing techniques do you offer? I offer many different healing techniques, please see the brochure button on the home page or click on the treatments listed above for a description of each.
  8. I want this, when can I have it? You can email me or phone me or text me to make an appointment or click on the “Book Now” link on this page. I can offer various days and times and we can find a time that suits us both. Once the appointment is made I’ll send you details of the address and directions if you haven’t been before.
  9. Aftercare – Following an Energy Healing session some people may experience some detoxification symptoms, physical and/or emotional, Generally these include temporary emotional highs/lows and physical detoxification. Some people experience increased energy levels or tiredness. This is completely normal and will pass after a couple of days. Remember to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and have a nice relaxing Epsom salt bath.
Price List


Life Activation £200 – 1.5 hours (Also includes a Self Care Goody Bag worth £50).

Spirit Activation £200 – 1.5 hours (Also includes a Self Care Goody Bag worth £50).

Bespoke Energy Healing Session £80 – 1 hour

Ensofic Ray Healing £80 – 1 hour

Crystal Healing £80 – 1 hour

Aura Clearing & Chakra Balance £80 – 1 hour 

Sound Therapy £80  Introductory price £60 – 1 hour 

Emotional Cord Release £50 (can be added on to any session) – 20 minutes

Distance Healing £125 – 1 hour & 15 minutes

House/Space Blessing POA



4 Bespoke Energy Healing Sessions £256
Saving 20%
Schedule a monthly self-care session (Full payment in advance)

Empower Package £350
Life Activation plus a Full Spirit Activation.
Two sessions of 1½ hours each, 2-4weeks apart Saving £50
Also includes a Self Care Goody Bag worth £50

I can also come to your home for Energy Healing, travel costs apply.



Individual mini candle in heart shaped tin £5
Mini Gift Set – 6 mini candles £25
Luxury artisan candle – Full Size £25 Luxury
Gift Set – 6 full size candles £99
Aura Cleansing Sprays £15

Special Offer – Order on my website – Free Delivery


I visited Michele after a work colleague who had also had a session recommended her. I decided that I would take a step out of my comfort zone give it a go. I had suffered a nasty knock while playing rugby so, not only have I been suffering from post-concussion syndrome I am also going through the delightful thing that all us women go though “the menopause”. My mind and body were in a state and I needed to step forward out of the darkness. I contacted Michele and asked about her treatments and booked in to see her. I had the Life Activation and I can say, hand on heart, it is an amazing experience. I came out feeling like I was on cloud nine !  A week later I can not stress how well I feel now, not only am I pain free after months, I’m happy too. It’s a totally new experience for me and one I am speechless as to how I am now feeling. Not only is Michele a truly lovely lady but she is a fantastic healer. I 100% recommend Michele and the services she provides, and I will be visiting her again most definitely.


I booked the Energise & Empower package as I had been feeling really run down, low and lethargic  and suffering from headaches for a long time. Michele’s treatment room is beautiful, full of crystals, candles and salt lamps with views over the garden. Within minutes of the treatment starting I felt very relaxed and calm which continued throughout the treatment. I got a lovely Self Care goody bag to take home with me so that I could carry on the benefits of the treatment at home rather than just slipping back in to my old routines. The bag contained a crystal, Epsom salts for my bath that evening, a hand made candle for my bathroom with a mini affirmation card and a bottle of water to remind me to keep hydrated, Such a nice touch. I really enjoyed having the treatments over the two sessions and now feel like my mind and body are at equilibrium which I haven’t felt for months. Overall the treatments have given me my energy and motivation back. I feel so much better and more positive. I also haven’t had one headache since. Amazing!


I had the Energise & Empower Package. During the first session I felt many different sensations and I also felt quite emotional but in a good way. Afterwards I felt very tired but so relaxed, I slept really well. A couple of days later I noticed a difference within myself. I had felt at a crossroads in life, a bit trapped and unsure of where I was going. After the two sessions I felt more balanced and calmer. Big decisions suddenly didn’t seem so daunting anymore. I could sit calmly and think about the situation rather than just stress and worry about it. That particular situation has since improved and my general outlook on life is more positive. I feel more balanced and less negative.  I also received a beautiful crystal as part of the package which I keep my my bed to remind me to keep focused and positive.

I had a Life Activation Healing session. On arrival at the castle Michele escorted me in to her healing studio and explained the process. The room had calming music in the background and lovely handmade candles burning. Michele began by explaining what was going to happen during the session. Once the session began I felt very peaceful. Immediately I began to see various colours and I felt energy moving in my chest. I then felt a strong feeling of calm and peace from within.  Around half way through the session I saw a another burst of colour in front of me and then felt even more relaxed, completely calm and floaty and didn’t want the session to end! Since the healing the magic began to work straight away. I have slept soundly and woken up feeling refreshed and more positive and balanced about life. Everyday stresses seem easier to manage and I’ve already started to notice an improvement in my overall wellbeing. A long overdue debt that had been owed to me for years has now begun to be paid, without warning, and a great new job offer came my way. I feel ready to crack on with the next chapter of my life and I’m excited for the next stage of my journey. 

From the moment I arrived at the beautiful studio Michele welcomed me and made me feel at ease, calmly and clearly explaining to me the practice of the Life Activation healing I was about to receive. Michele answered all my questions and made me feel completely comfortable. The process was unlike anything else I’ve experienced before, I left feeling light, more balanced, freed and with a sense of supported confidence. The feelings I enjoyed have endured. I’d recommend this to anyone open minded, looking to experience healing and explore pathways to improved wellbeing. Michele has a genuine gift for delivering healing and connnecting with people. Her passion is clear and her story is inspiring. 

I recently had a distance healing with Michele after a mutual friend not only recommended her, but spoke exceptionally highly of her work. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea 12 months prior and although I was receiving treatment, I found doing simple daily tasks debilitating and felt so tired during the day. I would fall asleep mid conversation. My concentration levels were virtually  non existent. Although I was a little sceptical about how the healing would work with me living hundreds of miles away, I’m so glad I kept an open mind and went ahead.
During the healing I felt extremely relaxed and felt various tingling sensations in different parts of my body. I also had a great nights sleep. A few weeks later I’ve suddenly realised how amazing I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks. I no longer need to sleep during the day. I have so much more clarity in my mind which has enabled me to function better on a daily basis. I was also able to start gentle exercise and have gone from struggling to walk to walking over 3 miles per day. My energy levels are on a different level to what they have been in years!
I’m extremely grateful to Michele for helping me to feel more “alive” again and would not hesitate in recommending her.