I’m Michele. I’m an Energy Healer with a healing clinic in the enchanted Allerton Castle near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. I use ancient, time tested, traditional healing modalities which are over 3,000 years old to help you to release and clear all that’s stuck and holding you back and allow you to move into your best life. I offer several different healing methods at my studio in the castle and I also make beautiful artisan candles so that you can carry on the self care at home.

Do you live in an ultra busy world where it’s difficult to switch off? Do you feel stressed or exhausted? Those feelings can be energetic and you can end up feeling overwhelmed, under motivated and jaded, physically and emotionally.

After receiving these healings for my own wellbeing, I realised the powerful and transformational effects they can have and I decided to study to become a practitioner so that I could help others. For the past 5 years I’ve studied, trained and practised many different healing modalities in the North of England, London and Toronto. 

There any so many benefits of energy healing including increased energy, clarity of mind and improvement of physical and emotional issues – a general feeling of wellbeing. Are you ready? Can I help you? Take a look at the Shamballah brochure and see what you’re drawn to. Your intuition will tell you what you need.

Shamballah Brochure – 30 July 2019

If you would like any further information or a free consultation please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Email – Michele@Shamballah.co.uk or you can use the Contact Me page.

Why choose Shamballah Candles? They’re not ordinary candles. Each one is unique. They’re made on the nights of the full moon and new moon in an enchanted castle and infused with magickal crystal energy. I use pure eco friendly soy wax which burns clean, natural cotton wicks, high quality fragrance oils and sturdy glass containers which can be recycled. The packaging is made from recycled paper, no plastic. They don’t contain any nasties – no paraffin, cheap fragrances, artificial dyes or additives. All the materials I use are the highest quality available and are UK sourced, mainly from local suppliers in Yorkshire. They’re also vegan friendly.

Candles are a real self care investment and can be used in many different situations throughout your day. Use them in your workspace to bring focus and energy whilst you work, in your home to create a warm, calm, comforting atmosphere whilst unwinding after a long busy day and in the bathroom whilst taking a luxurious relaxing bath. They’re also great to use during yoga or meditation sessions to help create a magickal atmosphere.