Welcome. I’m Michele, I’m an Energy Healer & Holistic Health Practitioner and I’m here to help you energise your body, balance your emotions and calm your mind using ancient and sacred healing methods. These very powerful techniques help to return your mind, body and spirit back to equilibrium, bringing back a sense of calm and inner peace. Ancient healings for modern times.  

Are you tired of feeling constantly stressed, exhausted, running on empty? Feeling like there’s something not quite right with your life, like there’s something missing, but not quite sure what?  I know how that feels, I’ve been there, and this is what worked for me – Energy Healing. I found it so powerful and transformational that I decided to retrain as an Energy Healer so that I could help people who feel like I used to feel. I travelled the world and spent several years learning the most powerful, ancient and sacred methods, all face to face, with some of the most powerful initiates on the planet.

What is Shamballah Energy Healing? It’s my special creation, unlike anything else available. During a bespoke Shamballah Energy Healing session I incorporate a unique combination of various healings which can include Usui or Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Sound Therapy and Shamanic Healing, as required. We can also tune in to your Akashic Records for guidance. At the beginning of each session we’ll have a short consultation, I’ll tune in to your energy, and we’ll decide which methods to use on the day. No need to go to different practitioners for different types of healings, you can now have one or several of them during the very special Shamballah Energy Healing session.     

What’s different about Shamballah Energy Healing?  Shamballah Energy Healing is a very unique, magical healing session in a beautiful crystal gridded room in an enchanted castle. It’s a 5* luxury healing experience and each session is personalised to your individual energetic requirements. Your appointment at this exclusive venue is always a completely private 1:1 session, no other clients around, and is completely dedicated to you and your wellness needs. A temple space is created before you arrive using crystals, herbs and sacred geometry. In the 2 hour session there’s time afterwards to relax, have a drink and snacks, and chill out on the velvet chaise lounge overlooking our private gardens while listening to some relaxing music. Pure bliss! 

I’m also a Life Activation Practitioner and offer this very ancient and sacred activation too, rather like an energetic ceremony. If you’re looking for a shift, transformation and progression in your life – your personal life, relationships, career/business or on your spiritual journey, this is for you. 

Are you ready to call your power back and reclaim your crown? Let’s go. Contact me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation or to book an appointment. You can phone, text, email, or use the Book Now button.  Appointments take place at my home studio in Allerton Castle near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG5 0SE. I can also see you at Rudding Park Spa near Harrogate, by prior appointment, and I also offer monthly appointments in central London.  

If you’re unable to get to the clinics I may be able to do home visits when possible, please contact me for more details.