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About Me

Welcome. I’m Michele, I’m an Energy Healer & Holistic Health Practitioner and I’m here to help you energise your body, balance your emotions and calm your mind using ancient and sacred healing methods. These very powerful techniques help to return your mind, body and spirit back to equilibrium, bringing back a sense of calm and inner peace. Ancient healings for modern times.

Tired of feeling constantly stressed, exhausted, running on empty? Feeling like there’s something not quite right with your life, feeling stuck, like there’s something missing, but not quite sure what?  I know how that feels, I’ve been there, and this is what worked for me – Energy Healing. I travelled the world and spent several years studying and learning the most powerful, ancient, and sacred healing methods, to create peace, calm and clarity.

Energy Healing

What is Shamballah Energy Healing? It’s a special creation, a unique combination of many powerful healing modalities plus an element of magic. Each session is personalised to your own individual energetic requirements. I’ll tune in to your energy, and decide which methods to incorporate in to the session.

Secret Shop

All items have been infused with healing energy in the crystal-gridded studio in the castle before being sent to you. The crystals have all been cleansed and charged under the full moon, ready to work their magic with you. You can also have them sent directly to someone as a gift. 


Raise Your Vibration workshops at the castle with half day workshop give an overview of energy healing, what it is and how it can help you. You’ll learn about auras, chakras, crystals, saging, and meditation plus top tips for keeping your vibration high in these challenging times. You’ll also get mini healing and a taster meditation session. The package includes a 3-hour workshop, lunch or afternoon tea plus a VIP goody bag. A royal day out!

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If you have any questions about my services or products please get in touch.

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